Malta Cricket Association Constitution

(Established 1989)

Marsa Sports Club, Aldo Moro Street, Marsa, MRS9064, Malta

Tel: +356 9981 4953

Member of the European Cricket Council – 1998

Affiliate Member of the International Cricket Council – 1998

Registered with ‘SportMalta’ – SM/A026

Affiliate Member of the Malta Olympic Committee


There shall be constituted an association which shall be known as the Malta Cricket Association, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.

Its logo shall be as follows:


2.1 To promote the game of cricket in the Maltese Islands at all levels.

2.2 To ensure that Malta is duly represented on a National as well as on an international level, particularly on Regional and World Cricket Associations, including ICC Europe and the International Cricket Council (ICC).

2.3 To be registered with SportMalta, affiliated with the Malta Olympic Committee and duly recognised by the Ministry of Education in order to establish collaborative initiatives and obtain funding for the benefit and development of Cricket in Malta.

2.4 To continuously improve the standard of all aspects of the game of Cricket at all levels with special emphasis being made on grassroots, including the introduction of Cricket in schools on the one hand and National representation both by men and women.

2.5 To inform members and other organisations of the Association’s activities.


3.1 All duly constituted Cricket Clubs as well as other organisations, schools and individuals which / who are not members of a Cricket Club, shall be eligible for membership with the Association, at the discretion of the Committee. Provided that no Club or individual shall be so precluded from eligibility for membership unless the Committee provides a valid reason for such ineligibility.

3.2 A Cricket Club shall be eligible for consideration by the Committee as duly constituted, and shall remain so, if it satisfies the conditions laid down in Appendix 1 and upon approval of its Constitution document by the Committee, SportMalta and the Malta Olympic Committee.

3.3 Applications for membership to the Asociation shall follow a review by the Committee, be presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Association for approval.

3.4 All member Cricket Clubs recognised by the Committee as duly constituted for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years, shall be represented on the Committee of the Association by one representative as detailed in paragraph 5.1, and they shall have full voting rights at all Committee meetings held by the Associations. They shall be hereinafter known as “Full Members”.

3.5 All other members Cricket Clubs, Organisations, schools and individual, who have shown interest in the game of Cricket as specified in paragraph 3.1, shall have no representation on the Committee and shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings of the Association. They shall hereinafter be known as “Affiliated Members”.

3.6 All individuals forming part of any of the Association’s member Clubs (whether full or affiliate members) shall be entitled to pay a membership fee to the Association and vote at any General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting convened by the Association.

3.7 The Association has the discretion to grant Honorary life membership to any individual who has distinguished himself/herself by promoting the game of Cricket in Malta. Such membership may only be granted by the Association following a majority vote by the Committee at one of its Committee meetings, followed up by a majority vote taken by the Annual General Meeting. Such members shall have no representation on the Committee and shall not be entitled to vote at any of the meetings of the Association. They shall hereinafter be known as “Honorary Life Members”.


4.1 The Committee shall recommend to the Annual General Meeting, the annual subscription fees to be paid by the two categories of membership listed under paragraph 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 as indicated in Appendix 2. Honorary Life Members shall be exempt from paying an annual subscription. The members present at such meeting shall vote accordingly as to the annual subscription to be paid by the said members. A simple majority shall suffice to approve such membership fee provided that in the event that such fee revision is not approved, the fee charged for the previous year shall remain in vigour.

4.2 Annual subscription fees shall be due and shall be paid on the date indicated in Appendix 2. Any member failing to pay the appropriate subscription fees within one (1) month from the due date may be restricted from participating in the Association’s event and shall not be entitled to vote at any of the General Meetings unless such fee is paid up by not later than one (1) month prior to the date of such meeting. In the event that the fee remains unpaid for more than one (1) year from the due date, membership shall be deemed as renounced and a new application shall need to be submitted. All rights attained prior to such renunciation shall be forfeited.


5.1 The Committee shall consist of:

i. A Chairman

ii. A Vice-Chairman

iii. A Secretary

iv. A Treasurer

v. An International Representative

vi. One representative of each full member club (constituting two votes at any given vote taken on an Agenda item)

For the avoidance of doubt, the representatives of each full member Club shall take a vote separate from the elected committee members. The outcome of any said vote shall count and / or be given the weight of as two (2) votes, the vote of the elected committee members shall be deemed as final.

In the event that the total vote number is equal and there is, therefore, no majority, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

For the sake of simplicity, elected and appointed positions on the Committee shall be referred to as ‘he’. This is not meant to preclude any persons of the female sex from holding any position on the Committee.

5.2 The representation of the full members shall preferably be Maltese nationals and shall be nominated by their respective clubs from among their own committee members.

5.3 The Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, or in their absence the Secretary, or in their absence the Treasurer, shall chair each Committee meeting.

5.4 The Vice-Chairman shall chair the Committee meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

5.5 The Secretary shall be responsible for:

i. Keeping minutes of all Committee meetings and the General meetings.

ii. Presenting a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting to the members of the Committee during the next meeting for approval.

iii. Compiling and circulating information for members and other organisations.

iv. The administration of the Associations.

v. Notification of all meetings to members and resolutions to be considered by the Committee.

vi. All other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Committee.

5.6 The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping the Accounts of the Association. He shall ensure that quarterly accounts are presented to the Committee during its quarterly meetings.

5.7 The International representative shall be the main contact person with contacts abroad and shall, when so required by the Chairman concurrence with the Secretary, attend meetings abroad on behalf of the Association. Should he not be able to do so, the Committee shall seel to find a replacement for the attendance of such meetings.

5.8 The Committee may appoint, for a period of three (3) years, an Honorary President whose role shall be an advisory one. He may attend any meeting of the Association, but he shall have no voting rights.

5.9 Nominations for posts listed in paragraphs i to v, both inclusive under paragraph 5.1 shall be submitted to the Secretary by not later than the end of April of each year. Each full member club can nominate a different person for each different post.

5.10 In the event of more than one (1) individual being nominated for a single post, then all the paid-up individual members shall vote by secret ballot to elect the member of the Committee required to fill that post. A simple majority shall be deemed sufficient for that purpose. Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote. The Chairman of that Association shall have a casting vote in the event of equal votes.

5.11 Should a vacancy arise at any time among the posts listed in paragraphs i to v, both inclusive under paragraph 5.1, then the Committee shall decide upon a temporary appointment to fill the vacant post until the first Annual Meeting is held. The said replacement shall not have a vote in committee decision making. Should a vacancy arise among the post listed in paragraph vi under paragraph 5.1, then the full member shall nominate a replacement representative from its own Committee member, for the Committee’s approval and appointment.

5.12 No member of the Committee shall hold more than one (1) post on the said Committee.


6.1 The Chairman, or his substitute, shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote in the circumstances where the total votes for and against a proposal are equal.

6.2 All other elected members of the Committee shall have a single vote. The nominated members shall collectively have two (2) votes which shall reflect the decision of the majority vote taken by such members, provided that in the event of an equality in votes, the vote of the elected members shall constitute the entire and final vote.

6.3 The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the International Representative shall be entitled to appoint one another as proxies should they be unable to attend a Committee meeting.

6.4 Six (6) members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the said Committee. Three (3) of the six (6) members must be members holding the posts listed in paragraphs i to v both inclusive under paragraph 5.1 above.

6.5 A simple majority of Committee members present at any meeting shall be sufficient to pass any resolution relating to the management of the Association at that meeting.

6.6 The Committee shall meet on a quarterly basis with meetings being held during the months of March, June, September and December of each calendar year unless otherwise decided by the Committee.

6.7 The Committee may elect any number of Sub Committees to assist them with their objectives and activities. These Sub Committees shall be given clear instructions as to their terms of reference and authority.

6.8 The Committee may also engage any competent person they deem fit for any specific task or service as they deem necessary, provided that any such engagement shall be on a definite basis.


 7.1 The Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that the local game of Cricket is played according to the Marylebone Cricket Club’s “Laws of the Game”.

7.2 The Committee shall be responsible for organising development programmes for all levels. It may assist full and affiliate members in organising their own development programmes.

7.3 The Committee shall ensure the proper training and selection of a national team, men and women, to represent Malta in international competitions. Its responsibilities shall include the organisation of the team’s travelling and accommodation arrangements.

7.4 The Committee shall act as Arbitrator in disputes that may have arisen between members, upon receipt of an application from either party.

7.5 The Committee shall apply to tap Government funds and ICC funds amongst others in order to sustain the Associations expenses.

7.6 The Committee shall furthermore provide its members with an annual administrative report, including a financial report during the Annual General Meeting.


8.1 The Committee shall be entrusted with the management of the affairs of the Association according to its discretion.

8.2 The Committee shall also be entitled to initiate disciplinary action against any of the Association’s members, who may have, in the Committee’s opinion and in accordance with ICC rules and regulations, brought the game into disrepute. Provided that in the event that the offence is one which is committed against one or more Committee members, the Committee shall ask three (3) independent persons so confirmed during the previous Annual General Meeting to decide upon the case.

8.3 There shall also be an Appeals Board so constituted by a lawyer and two (2) other independent persons involved in sport and approved by the Annual General Meeting to act as an Appeals Board.

8.4 Any and all disciplinary procedures shall be documented and all notices shall be given in a reasonable time in writing.


9.1 The Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be entrusted with the legal and judicial representation of the Association.

9.2 Signatories on any Bank account opened in the Association’s name shall be any two (2) of the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. 

9.3 Provision to be made for the Association to be able to borrow money against funds held in the bank accounts of the Association, up to a value of not more than Euro 10,000 for the purposes of holding a credit card. Any credit card in the name of the Association to be held under the name of the elected position of ‘Treasurer’ at the Annual General Meeting for the purposes of transactions done through the internet.

9.4 Any contract/agreement shall be signed by the Chairman and the Secretary jointly.


 10.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held during the month of April of each calendar year. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be given a full month prior to the meeting to all those members entitled to attend the Annual Meeting.

10.2 The Agenda for the Annual Meeting shall consist of:

Approval of minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

The Treasurer’s Report, including the Annual Accounts

The Chairman’s Administrative Report

Approval of subscriptions of membership categories

Appointment of Honorary Life Members

Proposals of amendments to the Constitution of the Association

Appointment / Election of the members of the Committee

Appointment of Disciplinary and Appeals Board members

Appointment of Auditor

Any other business

10.3 The Treasurer shall present the Annual Accounts for the preceding twelve (12) months to the end of December and the budgets for the following twelve (12) months. The annual accounts shall be drawn up for a financial period commencing on 1st January and ending on 31st December of each year.

10.4 All resolutions for consideration at the Annual Meeting should reach the Secretary not later than the end of April. The Secretary shall forward a copy of any such resolutions to all voting members.

10.5 Two (2) members from the Annual General Meeting shall be nominated by the Chairman and approved by the voting members by show of hands to ensure the electoral process is transparent.

10.6 The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 50 per cent (50%) of the paid-up individual members. In the event that no quorum is attained the meeting shall be rescheduled for another date. If a quorum is not attained at the second meeting, the meeting shall proceed without a quorum and all decisions and votes taken at such meeting shall be valid.

10.7 Any and all decisions were taken shall be so taken by a simple majority of members present at the meeting, provided that amendments to the Constitution shall only be made through a two-thirds majority of the member present.


 11.1 The Chairman, a majority of the Committee members, or twenty-five per cent (25%) of the registered individual members may all call an extra-ordinary meeting by forwarding a signed written notice to the Secretary, together with the reasons thereof, who shall within three (3) days of receipt, notify all paid up members with the appointed date and time.

11.2 Notice of Extra-ordinary Committee meetings shall be given fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting to all those members entitled to attend the meeting.

11.3 An Agenda will be circulated with the notice of the Extra-ordinary General Meeting.

11.4 Articles 10.6 and 10.7 relating to quorum shall also apply for Extra-ordinary General Meetings.


12.1 The Malta Cricket Association shall be voluntary and non-profit making as defined in the Laws of Malta and no part of the Association’s income, capital or property is or shall be available directly or indirectly to any promoter, founder, member, administrator, donor or any other private interest.

12.2 The Malta Cricket Association shall also be registered with SportMalta and affiliated with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Malta Olympic Committee.

To this effect, the Association shall submit any and all documented requested by SportMalta, the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and the Malta Olympic Committee as required from time to time, provided that for the purposes of submitting the required information to the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, a set of accounts shall be certified by a qualified Accountant and signed by a minimum of two (2) members of the Committee together with a balance sheet certified by the Accountant shall be submitted by not later than 30th April of each year.


In the event of the Association being wound up, the Committee shall convene an Extra-ordinary Committee Meeting to establish the disposal of the Association’s assets. Provided that any assets of the Association shall be donated to another, not for profit organisation of a similar nature having similar objectives as the Association.


Conditions for a Duly Constituted Cricket Club

In order to be accepted as a duly constituted cricket club, the following minimum areas must be complied with to the satisfaction of the Committee of the Association:

  1. Ground Tenure / Security
  2. Ground Facilities / Maintenance
  3. Finances / Insurances
  4. Management / Operational Structure
  5. Membership
  6. Will have participated in National Competitions organized by the MCA
  7. Registered with Sport Malta