Vision and Mission


Malta Cricket Association’s vision is to make cricket a truly national sport of winners.

This has three elements to it:

  • To ensure that cricket is supported by the majority of Maltese
  • To ensure that cricket is available and affordable to all who want to play and enjoy it.
  • To pursue excellence at all levels of the game.


As the governing body of cricket in Malta, the Malta Cricket Association will be led by:

  • Promoting and protecting the game and its unique spirit in the context of a democratic Malta.
  • Basing our activities on fairness, which includes inclusivity and non-discrimination.
  • Accepting Malta’s diversity as a strength.
  • Delivering outstanding, memorable events.
  • Providing excellent service to Affiliates, Associates and Stakeholders.
  • Optimising commercials rights and properties on behalf of its Affiliates and Associates.
  • Implementing good governance based on matching diligence, honesty and transparency to all our activities.