SportMalta’s responsibility of the Parliamentary Secretary for Youths, Sports and Voluntary Organisations within the Ministry for Education and Employment, Sport Malta’s core purpose is to inspire Maltese and transform the nation through sport.

Through innovative, fun and meaningful sporting experiences.

The Sports Act (Act XXVI of 2002) came in force on the 27th of January 2003 and defined the role of the then, Malta Sports Council (KMS), a governmental organization, and the Malta Olympic Committee (MOC), a non-governmental organization. The MOC’s statute is reproduced in a schedule to the Act. The main objective of the MOC is to ensure that preparations by prospective participants are of a standard for the major competitions in which Malta takes part, such as Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Mediterranean Games, Games of Small States of Europe, and other International games. All sports organizations should be registered in the bona fide sports persons register kept by SportMalta. Associations should also be registered with MOC if they practice an Olympic Sport.

Through the Sports Act, the then KMS, later on rebranded and reformed as SportMalta, became the supreme authority of Sport, thereby becoming government’s sports programs (service) provider on the one part and the sports regulator (in relation to sports organizations) on the other. Physical education and sport in schools remained part of the Directorate for Educational Services’ (service provider) remit and the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education within the Ministry for Education and Employment, as the regulator.

The Sports Act, amongst other things, establishes the role of SportMalta in:

  1. the provision of sports programs for all,
  2. the registering of sports organizations,
  3. the aiding in transferring the management of sports designated premises or sites to sports organizations for the establishment of their operating facilities and
  4. the provision of assistance to sports organizations – financial or otherwise and other sports services and regulatory matters.


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