Malta Cricket Association
The Malta Cricket Association (MCA) is the official governing body of the sport of cricket in Malta.

The MCA was established in 1989 and became an Affiliate member of the International Cricket Council in 1998 and is part of the ICC’s European Development Programme. The Association is also a member of the Malta Sports Council and the National Olympic Committee.

The MCA manages all Malta representative cricket sides and is responsible for hosting 20-25 touring teams per year and a biennial T20 International tournament in Malta. The Association is also responsible for scheduling all domestic leagues and fixtures.

Under it’s Constitution, the objectives of the Malta Cricket Association are as follows:

  • To promote the game of cricket in the Maltese Islands at all levels.
  • To ensure that Malta is duly represented on a national and international level.
  • To continuously improve the standard of all aspects of the game of cricket at all levels.
  • To inform members and other organisations of its activities.

International Competition
Malta is currently ranked 74th in the ICC world rankings.

Since 1990, Malta have taken part in 14 international tournaments, competing against 23 different European nations.
In 2013, Malta were successful as hosts of the Malta International T20 tournament and followed this up in 2014 with victory in the Pan European T20 tournament.

2014     Pan European T20, Hungary (Winners)
2013     Malta International T20, Malta (Winners)
2012     ICC Europe T20 Division 3, Greece
2011     ICC Europe T20 Division 2, Belgium
2009     ECC Division 3, Spain
2007     European Championship Division 3, Belgium (Semi Finalists)
2005     ECC Affiliates Championship, Belgium
2003     ECC Trophy, Austria
2001     ECC Trophy, Austria (Semi Finalists)
1999     ECC Trophy, Greece
1997     ECF Nations Cup, Switzerland (Semi Finalists)
1995     European Cricketer Cup, Radley
1992     European Cricketer Cup, Worksop
1990     European Cricketer Cup, Guernsey