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Therefore, it will be appropriate if health care personnel ask questions and invite open dialogue concerning the wider perspective on sexual well being and wellbeing29. Contraceptive consultations offer an opportunity to debate these issues. In our study, fifty three% of the members had not used hormonal contraceptives the past 12 months, barely lower than in the Norwegian national statistics3. The difference could possibly be as a result of the fact that our examine included the next proportion of younger ladies. Concerns about unwanted side effects got as the principle particular reason for non-use in all age groups. This is in line with findings from other, international studies, which checked out causes for contraceptive non-use among women20-22. Considering heavy information protection of recent research on hormonal contraceptives increasing the incidence of despair and suicide23,24, it’s cheap to consider that ladies could be reluctant to use them.

Close to half of the women throughout all age teams considered midwives acceptable well being care personnel to seek the advice of when they have questions on contraceptives or want recommendation on sexual well being. We had anticipated fewer among the many youngest women to provide this reply, as less of them have yet met the midwife through group antenatal care.

In the United Kingdom contraceptives are available from most basic practices, specialist group contraception clinics, sexual health clinics, some genitourinary medication clinics and pharmacies17. Swedish women mainly see midwives in community well being clinics18 where they also get general care for their well being and wellbeing. One may argue that the Norwegian setting, as described earlier, places more limits on women’s access to contraceptive consultations. However, the women included in our research reported very little issue relating to entry to contraceptive consultations.

Very few women discovered entry to contraceptive consultations to be a difficulty. Over two-thirds of all women wanted extra data on unwanted side effects when attending contraceptive consultations. Insufficient data was also the main reason for non-use of hormonal contraceptives. All the totally different elements of sexual wellbeing have been deemed important to talk about throughout contraceptive consultations by over 50% of the ladies throughout all age teams. The women also indicated that the sexual wellbeing aspect of contraceptive care was underneath-communicated throughout these consultations.

Almost half of the women found it applicable to see a midwife for contraceptive/sexual health counselling. Only one-third knew that midwives can prescribe and administer long-performing reversible contraceptives . In 2016, the Norwegian authorities prolonged the proper of midwives and PHNs to prescribe contraceptives to all women of fertile age, not only those 16–20 years of age8. This implies that women can now choose to see a midwife or a PHN for their contraceptive wants.

During three centuries vikings kept in suspense the whole Europe. There are also legends of the gorgeous maidens they fell in love with. While a person is absent, the authority of his women is the unquestioned. In addition, 10 centuries ago Norway was perhaps the one country in Europe the place women’s rights had been protected by regulation.

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Only about one-third of the women have been aware that midwives can prescribe and administer LARCs. This exhibits that there’s a lack of know-how among women about what services midwives can present.

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Besides midwives being given the authority to prescribe, women need to be knowledgeable about their choices and adequate midwives need to be employed at community health facilities. It may be troublesome for girls to find an individual they can open up to when experiencing problems with disgrace, body picture, genital pain, management over their sexuality or similar points. However, over half of the women throughout all age groups discovered all the themes raised in the questionnaire essential to speak about in a contraceptive consultation. It is less complicated to reply immediately asked questions than to deliver up topics oneself.

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Still, the youngest women in our study expressed a better need for common info than the ladies within the SINTEF research where forty two% of girls wished extra basic information11. The difference might be explained by elevated focus in media on unwanted effects, rising incidence of sexually transmitted infections19, and extra focus on LARCs for the reason that time of the SINTEF study. Very few women in our survey found it exhausting to get an appointment for contraceptive consultation. The entry to contraceptive consultations in Norway differs barely from other comparable European nations.

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Women must obtain data on the rare but serious unwanted effects of contraceptives. In addition, different extra widespread however much less serious unwanted effects such as irregular bleeding, weight achieve, temper modifications, modifications in libido and so on. ought to be discussed with the ladies’s personal preferences and wishes in mind. Across all age teams, women wanted more details about the side effects of contraceptives. The youngest women expressed a considerably higher want for common info on contraceptives in comparison with the other age teams. This increased want for common data among the youngest individuals could possibly be because of their lack of expertise with contraceptive use, in comparison with the women of older age.